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Having been around ballparks my whole life, sunflower seeds are a must. Didn't think I'd really have a favorite brand untill I tried Smackin'. So good!

Jerry Hairston Jr, 16 year MLB veteran

New favorite seeds 🔥🔥

Payton Henry, Milwaukee Brewers catcher

Baseball players know their sunflower seeds. These are the best! Try them and I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Wes Helms, 12 year MLB veteran

They're really good...I love it!

Renato Nuñez, Baltimore Orioles third baseman

Our Roots

Founded by two college kids who grew up playing summer baseball games (and munchin’ endlessly on seeds), Smackin’ Snacks is bringing seeds to another level. We are a Minnesota made, premium sunflower seed company roasting craft quality and innovatively flavored seeds that are guaranteed to SMACK!


Why Craft?

Enough with the plain flavors and poor-quality seeds. Craft is for those who enjoy the finer things in life. Handcrafted creations made from wholesome ingredients and specialty seasonings; our craft sunflower seeds deliver the full flavor that you savor. We at Smackin’ Snacks grind day in and day out to guarantee that our quality is king and that our taste smacks. This is the era of craft.